FunEmployed the Card Game

FunEmployed the Card Game

FunEmployed is a party style card game in which players take turns “interviewing” for a predetermined job by using qualification cards and whatever explanation they can think of. This is a game where you have to think hard and think fast. You may not get the cards you wanted, but with a great imagination, you can be racking in the jobs.

What’s Included

  • 89 Job Cards
  • 359 Qualification Cards
  • Rules


In FunEmployed, you start out by choosing who will be the first interviewer for the job, and the rest will start out as potential employees. The interviewer (I’ll just call them the boss) takes a stack of qualification cards and gives each of the other players 4 cards, and then takes a number of cards equal to the number of interviewees. After that, the boss sets out 10 more qualification cards face up in the center for everyone to see. The remaining cards are placed into a draw pile (or draw piles if so desired) and the job is revealed from the job card pile.

Everyone (including the boss) is then given a few minutes to swap out cards from the center of the table. This not done in a turn based system, but done with all players swapping cards at the same time, and can be done as many times as a player wants until everyone has decided they’re done.

Then the first interview begins and no one is allowed to swap cards until the next round. When conducting an interview, the each interviewee takes a turn to “apply” for the job using their absurd qualifications. This can be done in any way you can think of, as long as you use every one of your four cards in some way. Then comes the hard part, the boss is then allowed to ask you a question by placing FunEmployed - Gameplayone of their cards on your resume. This can often lead to sabotage from the boss, wanting to see how quick on the uptake you are. Once everyone has had a chance to interview, the boss then gives the job card to who they think is most qualified and the next round begins with the next person in the circle becoming the new boss and the 10 face up cards remaining on the table.

Once everyone has had a chance to interview, the boss then gives the job card to who they think is most qualified and the next round begins with the next person in the circle becoming the new boss and the 10 face up cards remaining on the table. The winner is the person with the most jobs once everyone has had a chance to be boss either once or twice (depending on the number of players).

Alternate Rules

Included in the rulebook are two sets of alternate rules. These are there to make gameplay more challenging and to mix things up a bit for those that have played before. Both of these are fun ways to test the group’s improvisation skills, and so it should be taken into consideration whether or not your group is comfortable with that.

The first set is called “Late to the Interview” and instead of having time to prepare and swap cards, each player is given their cards face down. Then each player reveals them one at a time as they start theFunEmployed - Sample Setir pitch and must work them into the pitch as they are revealed.

The other is called “With Friends Like These” and this one can get really funny. The gameplay is normal except that once everyone has finished swapping cards from the center, they pass their resume to the person on the right. So in essence, you are building someone else’s resume and then letting them flounder around with what you’ve given them.

My experience with this game

This is a game that I got for my birthday from my aunt, and so it is one that I had never heard of until I had the chance to play it. However, once I did play it, it soon became one of my favorites, even though I wouldn’t really consider myself as “any good” when it comes to improvisation. I’ve played it several times, and each time it comes out very differently from the last.

One of my favorite parts is the pure comedic value of watching your friends and/or family pull stuff out of their butts in order to convince the boss that they are the “most qualified.” I’ve gone from hearing people say they would be a good Used Car Salesman because they can swear, to being good for the job of Ice Cream Maker because they have tentacles, and far more in between.

Next, I really like how easy it is to play again, even with the same group. With 359 different qualification cards, it’s not often you see the same cards from game to game. And even if you do, who knows how they’re going to use it. There was one time when someone used the Red Light card to say that they are experienced in dealing with the red light zone district, and another time when the same card was used to say they were experienced in fixing the red lights in a traffic light. So the limit of what you can do is only limited by your imagination.

The question portion of the game really throws you for a loop if you don’t think quickly. I really like the fact that it’s not all prepared beforehand, and it gives the boss a chance to see how well people react to what’s given them. FunEmployed - JobsSometimes that’s what helps me to decide which player wins. It’s also a fun way to sabotage the players who happened to get all the good cards that round.
I honestly had a wonderful time playing the “With Friends Like These” rule set. When we did that it really made us think. We had one game where someone collected four qualification cards that were different accents, a French accent, a Russian accent, a British accent, and a Southern accent. The friend who had to use this resume had to apply for the job as a funeral director and proceeded to give examples of their experience with funerals around the world, each in their corresponding accents and the rest of us were dying of laughter.

Is it worth it?

At the time of this review, FunEmployed is selling for about $14 on Amazon. With the card quality and the number of cards in the box, I would consider the answer to be yes. The rules are easy to learn, the replayability is high, and the game just gets you laughing.

While the box says that it is for ages 18+ if you take out a few of the more dirty qualification cards, you can easily turn this into a fun family game. I played this with my family and even my twelve-year-old sister really enjoyed it.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to learn
  • Fun for both teenagers and adults
  • Highly replayable
  • Alternate rules to shake things up
  • Keeps you on your toes (if you like that kind of thing)


  • Comes with some “dirty” cards
  • Can get uncomfortable for those who don’t like improv.
  • Keeps you on your toes (if don’t you like that kind of thing)

In total, I had a wonderful time playing this game, it’s been a favorite ever since we got it. So if this is something that appeals to you, you’re welcome to find it HERE on Amazon.

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  1. Ha, ha sounds like a game I would like:) I definitely like to play games that include improvisation. I think it’s fun and it seldom gets boring. Thank you very much for sharing this, I guess I might try it.

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