PlayTable Update 3-15-17

PlayTable Console

So I just got some exciting news in my email today. PlayTable has just opened their product to be sold to the public! That means they are now accepting pre-orders for the special editions of the PlayTable. (As Featured Below)

PlayTable - Brushed AluminumPlayTable - Cherry WoodPlayTable - Ash Wood

They have said that they are only making 500 of these and so if you want one you had betterĀ order one now.

So as a reminder, these can be bought for a total price of $448. That’s $99 now and $349 once they have been made and become ready to ship. That’s way cheaper than the retail price of $599!

But if you’re like me and can’t afford that right now, you can always subscribe to their emails to stay updated with PlayTable as news comes out.

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