Fill or Bust: The Card Game

Fill or Bust: The Card Game


So, this is going to be a quick review just to start getting into the habit of posting these.

Fill or Bust is a family favorite that’s nice and quick with simple rules and a large element of luck. The game comes with six dice and a deck full of cards ranging from bonus points to removing the leading player’s points. The object of the game is to reach a certain amount of points before anyone else.

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Okay, not really.

Even this simple card game has quite a lot to it. Here’s how you play: flip a card, role the dice. Well, you should probably decide who goes first, then you flip a card and roll the dice. When you roll the dice, you want fives, ones, triples, or straights. Fives are worth 50 points, ones are worth 100, straights are worth 1500, and triples are worth the value of the dice times 100. So, three fives would be 500, three twos 200, so on and so forth. The only one that doesn’t follow this rule is ones. A triple one is worth 1000. After you role, you look for how many points you scored. Set those dice aside and you can either keep the points, or role the ones that you didn’t score anything from again. You can do this until you get points from all the dice. This is called a “fill”.

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However, if you role and score no points, you lose everything.  Even the points you set aside. This is called a “bust”. So you have to be careful about when you role and when you keep your points. But sometimes it’s worth it to keep going, and sometimes you have to keep going. Enter the deck. The deck sits there in the middle and just messes with you the entire game.

There are three categories of cards. This isn’t entirely accurate, but I’m sticking with it. There’s the general “Bonus X” cards. If you get one of these, then you can play the game normally and if you fill, then you get the amount of points on the card in addition to what you scored on the dice. These are the most common cards in the game. Then, there are the “To Heck With You!” or “No Dice” cards which make you skip your turn. These are the worst cards in the game, because from my experience, they like to pick on people. It’s more common than you would think that the same person gets the majority of the No Dice cards.

Finally, there are the special cards. These have various effects and can help you or hurt your opponents. But there is a downside. In order to get the special effects, you have to fill. What’s more is that you can’t stop. If you get one of these cards, you cannot stop rolling until you “Fill or Bust”. Now you see the name of the game.

Our Experience

This game is a lot of fun. And it promotes not gambling! The game, at first glance, looks like a pretty good game for gambling. But whenever we played it, it was almost always the conservative ones that kept their points when the risk got a little too much. Occasionally, you get the guy who just can’t bust and fills over and over again, winning the game in just a few minutes. But more often than not, it’s the careful players who win by slowly building up their points. I almost never win. But even if you’re like me and just enjoy the risk a little too much, the game is a really fun party game. And, a lot of that is due to the fact that there’s no maximum amount of players and you can yell and laugh at each other when you get a two instead of a one. The game is entirely based on luck, so you get mad at the game instead of the other people when you’re losing. Unless you got Vengenced. That is totally a word.

The game has a good amount of replayability, and even more if you play with different people. Because most of the replayability comes from the people. The game is very simple, so it’s easy for the game to go almost on rote and it lets you interact more with the people instead of the game.

Is it Worth Buying?

As it’s $11 ($10.99 technically), I would say yes. If you have six dice and a list of the cards, you could make your own. It’s pretty simple, there’s no board, just cards and dice. However, it’s $11. If it were any more, then I would say no. But I think that that’s a fair price. It’s a fun game and people pay a lot more for a lot less. It just depends on whether or not you want professional quality, or if you want to do more work than is necessary to play a simple card game. Your choice.

  • Quick paced
  • No max players
  • Get mad at the game over each other
  • It’s entirely luck
  • The No Dice cards are bullies

This is an old family favorite, so this is a pretty biased review due to nostalgia, but even looking at it objectively it’s a well made game. The mechanics are all based around high risk high reward and the game just lets statistics have run of the place while making you feel as though you have some sort of minor control.

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