About Ethan

So about me… well first of all my name is Ethan and I am a 25-year-oldEthan male who is married to the most wonderful woman ever, and I love board games. I am a cook by profession (I just graduated from culinary school this last year) and some of my hobbies include drawing, playing the cello, and riding my motor scooter.  I dabble in playing the ocarina, I play Magic the Gathering and D&D with my friends, and play more video games than I’d like to admit.

The reason I made this website is because I really enjoy playing board games with my friends and family and the connection it gives us. I would say that there is an entire side of my family that I wouldn’t know as well if we didn’t hold weekly game nights. These games ranged from games like Gubs to Red Dragon Inn to Telestrations and even Werewolf. I love the challenge of trying to compete while using your brain to solve the different problems that come up. I also love the interaction you get when you play together. I often find that I can interact and bond with people more while playing a board game than I ever can playing video games.

The hardest part about getting new games was that they were often so expensive and you had no idea if they were actually any fun or not. So in creating this website, I decided that I wanted to share my experiences with others in order to help them decide on what games they might actually enjoy themselves.

Thank you so much for coming, and I hope it has been helpful for you.

~Ethan (The Game Spaz)

Feel free to contact me at ethan@gamespaz.com for any questions, concerns or comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can.