Funglish - Featured

Funglish The Game

Funglish is a party game where the players take turns guessing secret words in a charades-like style. But instead of using hand gestures or pictures, you have to use tiles with descriptive words on them. What’s Included? 120 descriptive tiles 50 “secret word” cards An easel with rails and leg supports A Timer Rules Gameplay Funglish starts by first laying out … Read More

FunEmployed - Featured

FunEmployed the Card Game

FunEmployed is a party style card game in which players take turns “interviewing” for a predetermined job by using qualification cards and whatever explanation they can think of. This is a game where you have to think hard and think fast. You may not get the cards you wanted, but with a great imagination, you can be racking in the jobs. What’s Included 89 … Read More