Here is where we are putting our wishlist of games that we would like to play and then post reviews of as soon as one of us gets the chance. If we could just buy them, we would in a heart beat, but with where we are right now financially, that’s not always an option. So for the moment (and these aren’t in any particular order) here are some of the top games that we would be interested in playing:

  • Red Dragon Inn 6 – This is one we’re all really excited about. Currently, it’s on prerelease, but Ethan has preordered a copy for himself. We’re really excited about the team play and the boss mode that this game introduces to the series.
  • 7 Wonders – I have played this game once before and I really enjoyed it. I don’t think it registered in my brain as a game I could do a review on just yet, but it did register that it was a game that I enjoyed playing. -Ethan
  • Ravingspire: Assault on the Tower of Madness – This game looked like a lot of fun in that it was a co-op style game where it’s the players vs. the game, but this one looked neat in that it could support as little as a single player. I’m always on the lookout for good two player games that are actually fun and this looked like it might be a good possibility. -Ethan
  • Poop: The Game – Now this one was one of my wife’s picks and it definitely falls in the budget range, but it does look like a lot of fun, especially if you have kids or another family member who thinks that kind of thing is fun. -Ethan
  • Boss Monster – Now this one looks like a lot of fun in that it brings back memories of retro style games. You’re the boss monster who is competing to see how many pesky heroes you can kill without being defeated yourself. I’ve tried the demo on their app and it seemed like it would be fun to play in a group. -Ethan
  • Gloom – This game looked fun because of how the cards themselves are set up. In the game, you are trying to have the most miserable life before you die, but the cards are made in such a way that they are transparent except for the picture on the card. This is so because when you stack them on top of each other, you can immediately see which cards are still in effect and which ones have been covered up. -Ethan
  • Red Dragon Inn: Battle For Greyport – This is another game in the RDI series, but in this one, the town is being attacked by various monsters and you have to work as a party to save it. Ethan really like a good co-op game, and we think it would be fun to see if it has the same character and charm we’ve come to expect from the original RDI series.

No this isn’t necessarily all of the ones we’re interested in, but they are top picks of what we’ve seen out there. If you have any feedback, ideas or comments on games you’ve played or games you want us to try out we would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me at playonboards@gamespaz.com or comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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